Why Have Better Vehicle diesel Performance?

In short the answer is simple: The energy advantage plus diesel Performance is what makes the vehicles using this fuel have better performance than gasoline.


To understand this, it is advisable to explain a little some details.


The answer is given by 2 factors: Engine performance and diesel Performance. These terms can be heard very complex or scientific, but you see it is not so and understand everything explained. The diesel engine works in different ways to that of gasoline combustion are both but the difference is in how the manage.



On engine gasoline, is made with a mixture of fuel and air is passed into the engine cylinder. The mixture is compressed and causes an explosion with the spark of the spark plug. This process is repeated again and again to keep the engine running.


Diesel engine makes the process differently: Air (without mixing with the diesel) is passed to the engine cylinder. Air is compressed and once at this point fuel is injected to generate the blast (no plugs are used.) This is because the compressed air is heated and when the fuel comes into contact with it, the explosion is generated. This process is repeated again and again to keep the engine running.


Now comes the interesting part: that is special about the method used by the diesel engine?


The secret is in the air compression. The more air is compressed; fuel can interact with more oxygen and cause a major explosion resulting in more power for the engine. The gasoline engine has a compression ratio of 8:1 to 12:1 while the Diesel it is between 14:1 and 25:1.


If part of the secret is in compression, so why gasoline engines not increase?


Simple, as in gasoline engines air and fuel entering the cylinder mixed can not increase compression so that the mixture will get too hot and explode out of control causing engine damage. In diesel engines it is not because the air is compressed without the fuel and when it reaches the peak injection is then performed, resulting in a controlled explosion.


Regarding the amount of energy of Diesel, the energy density of this is 147,000 BTU per gallon, while gasoline has 125,000 BTU. In other words, a gallon of diesel has 17.6% more energy than a gallon of gasoline.


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